"Too much of Detroit now shows no evidence of the vital city it once was, world-famous for its innovation and spirit. Large portions of the land that sustained us for generations are devastated and sterile.

Before it became an industrial powerhouse, Detroit was part of a great farming region that fed thousands. But now our city is barren of nature, its neighborhoods “food deserts,” empty of markets selling healthy, fresh food to nourish our families. We can, and must, do better, for our children’s sake.

From the Hantz Farms website.

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This bag is the simplest of all my bags, it has an inside pocket and is made from stretch cotton and an old spool of "trimming" for jackets, suits, hats. Price is $20

This is my first reversible bag. One side is made from pink fabric a friend donated, it has a small felt heart with Detroit hand embroidered on the corner pocket.

The reserve side is made from recycled Eddie Bauer curtains, the pocket has Cass Corridor machine stitched across it. Price $25

This bag is called "Paige". Made from an old American Eagle skirt, it is lined with an inside and outside pocket. The handle has Cass Corridor machine stitched on it. Price $20
This bag is SOLD
This bag is SOLD.
I will make or customize anything you want, just drop me an e-mail or comment here. I'd love to create a unique item for you to showcase in your own, on your shoulder or on your back- just let me know!
all but $3 from each item goes to EASM Detroit Missions

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More stuff made.
Pics coming soon, I promise!
Items can be bought at the upcoming concert at Edgewater Alliance on June 15th.

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Made from vintage curtains this bag is great for carrying a book some sunscreen and a water bottle to the beach, or use it as a Bible bag for church on Sunday. It also makes a great purse!

Cost: $20

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More Stupid Creatures and clothing coming soon!
Check back April 2010

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Old Navy
XS light blue tank w/Cass Corridor D hand embroidered.

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